Presentation: Sailfish Platform UI Development

Gave guest lecture about UI platform development at Aalto University.

Case study: Sailfish Watch

Build a working smartwatch prototype with couple of colleagues. Read more in the official blog entry

I love Qt Quick, and yet…

I love Qt Quick. So much so that I probably cannot evaluate it very objectively. Qt Quick UI toolkit was great when it initially came out in 2010, and while lately there has been renewed focus on improving the toolkit, ultimately the core offering hasn’t evolved much in recent years. After Digia purchased Qt seems […]

Sailfish OS workshop: UI Development

Gave short twenty minute live coding presentation on Sailfish OS UI development at International Sailfish Community Event 2016. Material: Theme cheat sheet Silica cheat sheet Icon reference Example code

Road to Sailfish OS 2.0

Sailfish 2.0 mosaic in full resolution

Responsive Layouts

A layout provides visual structure for the presented information and user interface controls that allow user to navigate and modify the information. Layout principles in digital media are derived from traditional printing media. Users don’t read but scan information. They expect most recent and critical information to be located close to the top-left corner of […]

Composing Views

Most applications are made of multiple views, with each view playing a particular role in the design. Simple applications like calculators can have only one view, whereas more complex applications like system settings often contain dozens of views. On mobile the views are generally displayed in full screen, on desktop within a window and on […]

Book Project:
How to Build Beautiful User Interfaces

Last spring marked 10 years of working in the mobile industry for me. During that time I have participated in building user interfaces and frameworks in quite a few different programming languages and operating systems for many different mobile devices and products in Nokia and Jolla. For almost as long I have been jotting down […]

How to Be a Programmer

Learning to program is a lot like learning a foreign language. To be any good in it, you need to read a lot of other people’s code and write a lot of new code. Getting fluent in programming takes time, but like any practice reading somebody else’s code becomes easier the more you do it, […]

Live Pixels

Last weekend I started playing with the new Qt 5 particle effect system. One interesting effect I found in the examples was using custom particles and OpenGL shaders to color the moving particles, producing a cool-looking image on the screen made of “live” pixels. For this blog entry I have drawn an image of a […]