Falling Cubes

Falling Cubes example shows two hundred cubes falling across the view port. The cubes have been colored using non-realistic Gooch shading, where the mesh surface color is mixed with warm and cold colors using surface’s normals. Gooch shader has been written in OpenGL GLSL Shading Language. Falling animation is implemented using SmoothedAnimation element.

Overlapping Letters

Color Strips

Finding a good color palette for your project can be difficult. I’d love to learn the mysterious formulas behind harmonic color patterns, but so far coming up with suitable combinations has been mostly a matter of trial and error: the examples below are no different. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of […]

Horizontal Flow

Horizontal Flow example shows how to implement a horizontally flickable list of items like a list of album covers. The component is based on the PathView element. Also, horizontal alphabetic scrollbar is provided on the bottom of the page for quickly jumping to a new position. Horizontal Flow also supports arrow key-based navigation for media […]

Time Picker

Time Picker example shows how to implement a time picker widget for the application. The widget is created as a modal dialog with two vertical ListView elements: one for choosing hours and another one for choosing minutes. The default values follow the current time. User can quickly flick to the wanted time or select visible […]


Splash! example randomly generates new colourful logos.