Retro graphics

We recently moved to a new apartment. The renovation is over, but the walls are still a bit empty and could benefit from a few new posters. Both my wife and I like minimalistic design and self-made pieces bring character to the decor so I ended playing around with the procedural graphics during the weekend, trying to come up with a set of simple geometric motifs for a group of small framed posters.

Before I started coding I gathered an inspiration board in Pinterest.

Line fireworks
Fireworks [code]

Equilateral polygons
Equilateral polygons [code]

Collision detection
Collision detection

Line art
Line art [code]

I am not yet fully happy with the results. I want to create at least couple of more pieces before the full collection is complete, and keep experimenting more until I find a more original angle to the subjects.

A lot of posters and T-shirt prints nowadays combine clean geometric shapes with organic textures and patterns. While not really original they look cool, next I was thinking of trying to find good GLSL fragment shaders that mimick fog, the waves of the ocean, the clouds, water color or ink stains to use with the shapes. But that is left for another weekend.

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  1. Juha Vuolle says:

    Really like the collision detection!

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