Renovation planning with Qt Quick

My wife and I bought a new apartment during the spring. The place was in poor condition so the first thing we did was plan a renovation. We didn’t renovate much ourselves, but were heavily involved, and for example ordered most materials and appliances ourselves to make sure we get the decor style we were looking for.

I obsess over the details and was worried that the workers would not so I prepared as exact blueprints as I could to help communicate our plans. I am not a construction engineer or familiar with the CAD tools like ArchiCAD. I know Qt Quick though, which is a great tool for building pixel-perfect layouts and also turned out to be fitting tool for creating the floor plans.

You can find the code of the blueprints I created in my personal GitHub project, see


For kitchen we wanted to get rid of upper cabinets and replace existing electric appliances with hidden, integrated solutions. The table top, including faucet and the sink, is all black. The handmade tiles on the wall and open shelves made from rough wood help bring personality to the kitchen.

Initial sketch of the kitchen

Kitchen blueprint [left] [right].

We were not sure what would be the good thickness for the tile seams so I wrote a small app with adjustable slider to try out different thickness values.


Renovated kitchen

Dining area

In the dining area we wanted to get a big, sturdy wooden table. The dimensions required careful calculations to get the pendant lights properly centered.

Initial sketch and the blueprint [code]


New dining table

Living room

The living room wall got similar wooden shelves as the kitchen, but instead of the tableware showcases our favorite books. The television is mounted on the wall above the sideboard. Next we will replace the black soundbar and subwoofer with more subtle white wireless speakers. Similarly would be nice to replace the television with a slimmer model that better blends with its surroundings.

Living room blueprint [left] [right]

Bookshelf corner with television



The bathroom gained only a small refresh with white finish and new furniture like new mirror, washbasin cabinet, shower wall and lighting. The old bathroom looked dirty and yellow, now replaced with a clean white look. In the original plan the lights were attached to the wall, but due to installation difficulties instead got attached to a quirky white plank above the mirror. In couple of years we are anyway planning to do a more major makeover with more personal tiles, and all black chrome to align with the style in the kitchen.

Bathroom blueprint [left] [right]


Renovated bathroom


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